”The Pyramid” is an interactive game talk show with a competitive structure and rules that provide the participants with equal opportunities of vying for viewer votes through being original, concise and interesting in their treatment of topics.


There are three participants in an individual show, all three public figures, and while time is strictly measured they talk about five topics from the past week selected by the editors. The events are not limited to any one field, but are selected according to the main criterion of their interesting and intriguing nature. During the show, viewers vote for their favourite and their votes decide the winner who moves to the next level of the Pyramid, namely the next round of shows that bring together winners from other Pyramid shows from the same level.


In 2007 The Pyramid won The Best Show Award at Rose d'Or. The show was aired live on Croatian National Television from 2004 till 2015 and was sold to 8 countries including Canada.


GAME TALK SHOW | 2004-2015

Creator: Dubravko Merlić

Countries: Croatia, Canada, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Award: Rose d'Or for Best Show of 2007